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DataTrace DNA is a highly technological and not expensive method to identify consumer goods and industrial products.

The basic concept of DataTrace DNA technology lies in adding a marking substance into a structure of protecting products.

DataTrace DNA can be incorporated into materials before fabricating items from these materials and can be spayed on the item surface as spraying substance and also to its packing and tags through process color.

In all mentioned above cases DataTrace DNA is safe and resistant to most of solvents and acids, as well as to high temperatures. For example, is case of destroying the marked document it can be identified even by insignificant remains of its ashes.

Data Trace DNA can be introduced in solids, in liquids, in bulk materials.

A unique data record called "DNA code" is simply read out by a specially designed reading device - a reader that can provided to control agencies and any sales outlet. The device is not expensive and does not require special skills for its application.

The reader can detect a code at its direct contact with the surface on which there are traces of the marking substance, and also through any transparent materials: laminate, polyethylene, glass, etc. Reading out takes about one second.

Trace DNA marking technology is very cost effective. For example, for one ton of concrete 15 grams of dry marking substance is sufficient.

Datatrace DNA
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