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Тhe essence of the technology lies in plotting shade on paper surface by the electronic matrix containing one or several Hidden images that can be placed on a sheet quite independently from one another or can be applied one upon another. Hidden Image can cover a whole sheet or its definite places.

As per a customer's wish Hidden Image can carry any information: a company name or logotype, a protecting code, a drawing, etc.

Detection (reading out) of the data containing in the Hidden Image can be implemented by a film decoder to be manufactured for identification of each image. While mapping a relevant decoder on certain places of a letterhead one can see the information carried by this Hidden Image.

The low price (within 1 US Dollar) of the facilities of Hidden Image detection enables to apply this technology widely to combat counterfeit, for example, of such forms as insurance policies and migration cards since it enables to provide insurance agents and officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with reading devices with no significant costs.

Application of several Hidden images (up to 3) mapped one upon another enables to provide three control levels and so to identify a document at all levels of its usage.

Hidden Image

Reading out by means of a film decoder.

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