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A microdot consists of polyester disks 1 mm in diameter, 0.1 mm in thickness, each is plotted up to 50 lines of alphanumeric information complying with the data of the product to be marked.

A microdot is plotted on any surfaces along with basic fluid - special sticker being an uncolored polymer. After being dried-up the polymer is not deterged by any well-known lacquer solvents. Life-span of microdots is more than 20 years. The application technique and special fluid sticker are chosen according to the special features and technical requirements of the product to be marked.

DataDot technology has found the practical use in marking motor vehicles for hijack protection that is a serious problem for all countries. In some cases it is impossible to identify and return to an owner his stolen vehicle with changed production identification numbers. In order to identify the ownership of the recovered vehicle or its spare parts it is necessary to apply reliable technology of identification. DataDot technology satisfies these targets.

DataDot marking system is based on possible vehicle identification and its separate parts. Up to 10,000 microdots bearing the Personal Identification Number (PIN code) unique for each vehicle are plotted on the parts of the vehicle. The marking composition is invisible, it shines under ultraviolet light. It is easy to identify the vehicle by a hand-held torch and a magnifying device.

The unique Personal Identification Numbers of the marked vehicles are registered and stored in the integrated database that is brought together with the database of the Department for Security of Traffic Safety (DSTS) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

While checking up a vehicle, DSTS officers with the use of the simple portable instruments detect the marking and verify the vehicle through the database of the stolen vehicles. It is sufficient to reveal only one microdot out of the brushed on ones to identify the vehicle. It is also envisaged to carry out works on vehicle identification while making a next inspection of the vehicle and selective checking at the DSTS static and movable traffic posts.

The special device has been designed enabling to read information from a moving vehicle in respect of its PIN code at the distance up to 600 meters. The device can be installed at the DSTS static traffic posts.

Marking cost does not come as an additional burden upon an owner of a vehicle as insurance companies grant discounts from effective basic rates for a whole period of a vehicle operation and so the vehicle owner's expenses for marking is compensated in fact.

Thus, marking makes a motor vehicle hijacking senseless since a criminal does not have a slightest chance to sell the stolen vehicle as of one piece or its spare parts.

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