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Range Of Use

DataDot Technology is successfully applied for marking of motor vehicles, aviation and railway equipment, consumer goods, art objects.

The experience of Datadot Microdot Technology marking applied in various countries proves its high efficiency in combating hijacking of motor vehicles. In Australia hijacking of motor vehicles has reduced by 10 times within 3 years, including: BMW by 60%, Ford - by 75%. Only 2 Subaru cars were stolen out of 25,000 sold new cars.

For the purpose of most effective applying DataDot Technology in struggle against theft of motor vehicles and to immobilize vehicles-twins out of the territory of the Russian Federation the Department for Security of Traffic Safety (DSTS) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs considers expedient to introduce the above technology at the primary market, i.e. directly at manufacturing plants.

At present the guidelines on detection and research of DataDot Microdots are introduced into practice of forensic agencies of the Russian Ministry of Justice in order to acquire information required for authentication of the marked motor vehicles. It enables forensic experts to give relative legal opinions to be accepted by courts as evidence while judging civil, administrative and criminal cases at legal agencies of the Russian Ministry of Justice.

Furthermore the world practice has got the experience to clear a crime of another kind. While investigating the act of terrorism at Bali the police detected and arrested the terrorists within 48 hours by the remains of the exploded car that had been marked according to DataDot Technology. Under the conditions of the world community struggle against terrorism DataDot Technology can be treated as an effective element.

Microstrip can be integrated into labels-stickers, labels and tags to confirm authenticity of consumer goods and exemption of possible counterfeit.

Trace DNA can be added to oil products and any construction materials (concrete, cement, timber, lacquers and paints). Trace DNA is added to adhesives. It is more important for quality control of adhesives while designing machinery with high performance in extremely important fields, such as aircraft building and machine building industry. Moreover, builders will be able to exercise their direct control of quality of products and materials by means of readers that makes practically impossible to substitute genuine materials without control and solves the problem of quality of projects under construction. In some countries Trace DNA is applied for marking explosives.

Trace DNA Technology can be applied to mark audio and video carriers. Control agencies can quickly identify items at their points of sale and make claims on a sales person for illegal distribution of counterfeiting and falsifying products.

Hidden Image Technology can be applied to protect securities, letterheads and other documents from counterfeit.

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