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Frequently Asked Questions

DataDot – What Does It Mean?

DataDot is the system of the antitheft marking of a vehicle. The essence of the system is spreading the main parts of your vehicle and its valuable units with special polymeric material containing in its substance 10 000 microdots. The presence of PIN (Personal Identification Number) inside each Microdot makes it easy to identify the vehicle and its units.

DataDot – How Does It Work?

After the marking substance is laid on the vehicle, the information on the owner and on the vehicle with the PIN- number awarded to it should be placed to the database of the Main Info Center of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Russian Federation. With the help of simple tools within several minutes the representatives of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate can read out the information from microdots, check it out with the information already existing in the database, indicate suspicious vehicle and find out the real owner of the vehicle.

How Datadot System Protects Your Vehicle?

Professional hijackers are interested in vehicles as in the source of income: stolen vehicle may be sold, its appearance may be changed or it may be dismantled for spare parts. Whereas the basis of DataDot system forms the identification of the vehicle and its spare parts, the marked cars can't be of interest to hijackers, more over, such cars constitute a real danger to them.

How the Lay Down of Datadot Marking Is Reflected in the Documents?

After the DataDot marking has been laid down the special Certificate is to be issued where the PIN of your vehicle should be indicated. Then the information on the owner and on the vehicle together with the PIN-number should be placed to the database of the Main Info Center of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Russian Federation.

What Bodies of Russian Federation State Power Support the Project?

The Project on the implementation of DataDot system is of the important Governmental matter and is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RF.

Scientific-Research Institute of Criminal Investigation Technique with Federal Security Service of Russia and Scientific-Research Institute of Legal Expertise with the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation have highly estimated DataDot operational technology and admitted it as the most advanced system.

Is It Possible to Remove Datadot Marking?

No, it is not. To remove 10 000 microdots spread on the surface of the vehicle is impossible.

Is the Marking Visible?

The marking is invisible with an unaided sense of vision; it may be distinguished only with the help of special instruments. Therefore it does not spoil the appearance of the car.

How Long Does the System Exist?

Beginning with 2000 the system is actively implemented abroad. From the beginning of 2003 the project on implementation of DataDot system is under realization in Russia and in CIS.

Where Microdots Are Manufactured?

Only two plants are dealing with the manufacturing of microdots: in Australia and in Great Britain. The relationship with the manufacturer is effected entirely through JSC «Foreign Economic Association «Machinoimport» who has the exclusive right for marketing and distribution of the antitheft DataDot marking for the vehicles on the territory of Russian Federation, CIS and the Eastern Europe. This is the guarantee of the fact that the marking is original.

How Long Does It Take to Install Datadot System?

It will take you only one day. The general procedure includes the time necessary for spreading the marking itself, for drying the vehicle, for issuing the appropriate documentation and for placing the information into the database of the Main Info Center of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Russian Federation.

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