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DataDot — allows to identify a motor vehicle and its separate parts easily. A vehicle is fitted with microdots of I mm in diameter numbering from 5000 up to 10 000. Each microdot contains PIN (Personal Identification Number) recorded in the special database of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI).

The substance where microdots are located is resistant to attack of solvents, transparent and shines in ultraviolet light.

Warning labels placed on a vehicle indicate to the fact that the vehicle is DataDot protected, has been registered and is of serious hazard to hijackers.

STSI officers using simple portable devices identify a vehicle marking and check up its availability in the database of stolen motor vehicles. All information in respect to a vehicle and its genuine owner comes to knowledge in a few minutes.


A marked vehicle may not be of value for a thief. Even having removed VIN numbers and dismantled a vehicle for spare parts he is unable to sell it. It is enough to reveal only one microdot from several thousands to identify a vehicle PIN and establish its legal owner.


With appearance of new advanced antitheft protection aids professional thieves find a more simple way for the problem solution - instead of a vehicle burglary they try to get its keys. All over the world numbers of vehicles theft with assault related to people robbery have become more frequent.

Since theft of the vehicles marked with microdots is not attractive to thieves in this case the DataDot system vehicle protection is assurance not only for safety of the vehicle, but your own security.

Marking process takes about 40 minutes. An owner of a marked vehicle gets a certificate of authenticity confirming marking availability.

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